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Birthmark A discoloration of the skin that is present at birth or forms shortly after. They are primarily cosmetic concerns though rarely can become cancerous. There are several kinds of birthmarks that last into adulthood. The most common of them is a congenital melanocytic nevus, or mole. These are frequent and usually small, and can occur anywhere on the body. …

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Sagano Bamboo Forest (Japan)

Sagano Bamboo Forest (Japan)  is the most beautiful bamboo forest covered with thousands of tall and greeny bamboo trees. The Sagano Bamboo forest is located in Arashiyama, Kyoto (Japan).  If you have any knowledge about Japaneses cultural values then you must know the spiritual importance and value of bamboos. The fascinating and peacful green surroundings of this bamboo forest gives …

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අහෝ සදාකාලික නොවු රූසපුව

ඔබ මේ දකින්නේ ග්‍රීසියේ ඉතාමත් ජනප්‍රිය චරිතයක් වන නානා කාරාගියාන්නි නම් (Nana Karagianni) රෑමතියයි. වෘතියෙන් පත්‍රකලාවේදිනියක වන ඇය ගේ අභිලාෂය වී ඇත්තේ Model කෙනෙකු වීමටය. ඇය මේ වන විට anorexia nervosa නම් රෝගයෙන් පෙලෙන අතර දකුනු පැත්තේ තිබෙන්නේ ඇයගේ වත්මන් තත්වයයි. මෙම රෝගය නිසා ඇයගේ බර සීඝ්‍රෙයන් පහත වැටී මෙම තත්වයට පත් වී ඇත. රෑපය යනු සදාකාලිකව පවතින්නක් නොවන බව දැන් ඇයට …

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Beautiful girls of Israeli Forces

Israel has probably fought many wars than most countries in the world. Thus there is no denying that their Armed Forces is not be to messed with. With military defense being constantly one of their main concerns, it is no surprised that many chicks are part of this occupation that is less popular in most other countries. Pretty sure they …

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Amazing Face Surgery

24-year-old Sophie Yates before and after an orthographic surgery to fix her extreme under bite. Sophie Yates, 24, from East Kent, had orthognathic surgery in 2009 Was bullied about underbite since age of 10, had braces for 10 years Had invasive surgery over Christmas holidays while at university in London Four teeth were removed and metal plates fitted into realigned …

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