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Nail art: Play with your nails

Beautiful and stylish nail paint design adds more elegance and style in your personality and looks so appealing.Nail art 1  Thousands of trendy nail paint designs are here with different styles. By applying intelligent tips and patterns you can make your nails more appealing and stylish.

Here are small tips and tricks you can keep in your mind before applying a nail art.

  • Clean your nails by removing the old nail polish.
  • Trim and file your nails to give them a proper shape.
  • Do not cut off your nail in small size to give your nail art a wide space.
  • Apply the base coat and allow it to dry.
  • After applying your desirable nail paint pattern cover it with base coat again.
  • Before starting another color, make sure each color of nail art is fully dry.

Nail art 8Now you have a proper method to apply the nail paint design. Base coat features no color, transparent and it gives a sleek and silky base that helps to have a neat and clean design. You can apply any of the design of nail paint like Water marbled designs, Blended color designs, Polka dot designs, Nail stamping, Glitter nail paint and much more. You also can add jewel with nail paint.

Nail art  9

Nail art 3  Nail art 5

Nail art 6

Nail art 7

Nail art 10

Nail art 11

Nail art 12

Nail art 13

Nail art 14 Nail art 16 Nail art 17

Nail art 18

Nail art 19

Nail art

Nail art 4

Nail art 20

Nail art  15

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