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Casual Dresses මිලදී ගන්නට tips කීපයක්

අපි හැමෝම දන්නවා, විලාසිතා ලෝකෙට, කාලෙන් කාලෙට එක එක fashion designs එකතු වෙනවා. සමහර කාලවලට ගෑණු ළමයින්ගේ ජනප්‍රියම ඇඳුම වන්නේ කලිසම් – ජීන්ස්. තවත් කාලෙකට “ස්කර්ට්ස්”. කොයි කොයි විදිහේ විලාසිතා ආවත්, casual ගවුමකින් ලංකාවේ ගෑණු ළමයෙකුට ලැබෙන්නේ අමුතුම චාම් පෙනුමක්. පෙනුම විතරක් නෙමේ මෙවැනි ගවුමක්, ඔයාලට පහසුවකුත් ගෙන දෙනවා. ඉතින් අද අපි කියන්න යන්නේ casual ගවුමක් මිලදී ගන්න යද්දී සැලකිලිමත් …

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Height Versus Weight Chart for WOMEN, Check whats yours

There are many factors that are contributing to person’s weight, such as family history of genetics, environment, metabolism (the way the body is changing oxygen and food into energy), habits or behavior. To reach healthy weight is very important for overall health and can really help you to control and prevent many conditions and diseases. If you are obese of …

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How to Apply White Tips to Nails for French Manicures..

French manicures are very pretty and very popular. Almost every girl wants to have a French manicure. Steps 1. Apply pink or peachy colour to the base of nails. 2. Apply a second coat to the base of nails. 3. Once the nail bases have been painted, apply white nail polish to the tips of the nails. 4. Make sure …

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අව් කණ්ණාඩි පැලඳීමේදී මේ ගැනත් සිතන්න.

අව් කණ්ණාඩි පලඳින්න අපි කවුරුත් කැමැතියි. අද වන විට අපේ බොහෝ තරුණ තරුණියන් මෝස්තරයට, පැෂන් එකට අව් කණ්ණාඩි පලඳින්නත් හුරුවෙලා තිබෙනවා. ඒ සමඟම අද වෙළෙඳපොළේ විවිධාකාරයේ මෝස්තරවලින් යුතු, විවිධ මිල ගණන්වලට අව් කණ්ණාඩි ලබා ගන්නටත් තිබෙනවා. ඇත්තටම කිවහොත් ඇස් දෙකේ ආරක්ෂාව සඳහා අව් කණ්ණාඩියක් පැලඳීම බෙහෙවින්ම සුදුසු දෙයක්. විශේෂයෙන් තද අව්වට යත්දී අව් කණ්ණාඩියක් පැලඳිය යුතුමයි. නමුත් ඒ සඳහා ඔබ …

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Casual dresses are easy to carry

Casual dresses trend is open for all season because in the usual routine every girl and woman wants to wear comfortable and casual dresses. By adding some style you can make you casual dresses too attractive. Casual dress category is not a limited one in fat there is a vast variety is available in casuals. Obviously summer and winter casuals …

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Nail art: Play with your nails

Beautiful and stylish nail paint design adds more elegance and style in your personality and looks so appealing.  Thousands of trendy nail paint designs are here with different styles. By applying intelligent tips and patterns you can make your nails more appealing and stylish. Here are small tips and tricks you can keep in your mind before applying a nail …

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Jewelry: the weakness of the woman

Elegant and stylish jewelry makes you personality more appealing. Whether you are going to a wedding part or other function jewelry is the must element in a girl’s prep.  There are hundreds of classic and stylish jewelry designs are available at shops including pearls, gold, silver, diamonds and others. Usually young girls like pearls and light jewelry and gold jewelry …

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Summer/ spring hand bag collection

So, Summer / spring season is right here and collection of new, modern and stylish bags are on the way for the season. Many famous brands are coming up with stylish, eye catching and convenient designed handbags for our dear ladies. Summer/ spring collection of bags has been designed in bright colors with a mark of style and even for …

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Western dresses ideas

From west to east designers and expert are highly working on party wear category. Party wear dressing is available widely in delicate and sophisticated colors on soothing lux fabric. Women and girls specially who are working ladies preferable ready to wear dresses so on demand designers also emphasizing on their need and every season introduce new and trend fashions and …

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Party wear dresses

Designers are devotedly working and inventing new and modern style in party wear category. The reason behind is the more demand of customer. Every one of us attends parties and functions including birthdays, weddings, get together etc. People especially females want them to look stylish and glamorous in every function and that is why they want modern and stylish dressing. …

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